Maintaining a Wood Floor

The service life of wood flooring falls on two aspects. The first is your decision in selecting one kind of wood construction as opposed to another and very importantly, the approach in which you use in caring and maintaining the wood. This article will explore the right methods of maintaining wood flooring and also the two varied construction kinds which are available for domestic as well as commercial properties.

Floor types:

There are two kinds of real wood flooring. Some are better fitted in given situations as compared to others. One is known as solid wood flooring while the other referred to as engineered wood flooring. For more options, check out bamboo flooring in Perth here.

Solid wood flooring.

Every floorboard is composed of complete solid wood like Oak. The construction offered the floorboard prolonged lifespan of approximately 100 years when maintained and cared for in the appropriate manner. Solid wood will react to changes in the climate. In hot weather, there will be wood expansion whereas in cold condition there will be a wood contraction. This can bring about gaps in the floor and will also expedite wear and tear. Solid would flooring is not recommended in areas which have climatic changes like the bathroom, the kitchen and also the conservatory.

Engineered wood flooring

Every floorboard is composed of three to four layers. The uppermost layer is made of solid wood whereas the other three are composed of syntactic materials. As opposed to solid wood flooring, the boards can be fitted all over the home or in the commercial property. Nevertheless, service life does not compare to that of solid wood flooring.

Your decision is normally based on the location of the floor as well as the budget constraints. That is because engineered boards tend to be more affordable as a result of the lesser use of solid woods.

Wood flooring maintenance.

Property maintenance professionals are the best in the maintenance of commercial flooring. Nevertheless, we know that a lot of domestic households would opt for the caring of their own. The following are some of the ways of cleaning wood floors.

Clear the room.

You need to ensure that when you are cleaning, it is free of any obstacles.

Sweep the floor.

When utilizing a hoover or a brush, take caution not to damage the floor. When using a hoover, utilize a soft extension and not a plastic one.

Mop the floor and do not use too much water. Ensure you do not soak the floor in water since a damp mop is what is needed.

Add wood cleaner.

Inspect the coating. Get your Perth carpet here!